Chapter 218 (Teaser)

"Lauel, Piaro, and Bland will help in the fields while I am in the smithy. Thank them for their help.”

"No, who are they?”

Lauel wanted Grid to introduce the two men. But rather than introducing them, Grid spoke to the two men and asked them to work. Lauel thought it was absurd.

“Then I’m going.”


Lauel called again, but Grid didn’t look back and left. It was because it wouldn’t be fun to reveal Piaro’s identity immediately.

'He will experience it directly. He will feel astonishment, admiration, and reverence. There are only a few name-grade NPCs in Satisfy.’

Grid imagined Lauel and the Overgeared members’ reactions after grasping Piaro’s identity as a great swordsman. He dreamed about how Piaro would teach the Overgeared members and they would become more powerful.


‘So insensitive.’

Lauel faced Piaro and Bland after Grid left. He started awkwardly for a moment before observing the two people. Bland was a young man with a bold personality while Piaro was a middle-aged man with dirty hair and dirt all over his body. Piaro was wearing dirty clothes that couldn’t...

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