Chapter 217 (Teaser)

“Damn! What is this? I knew things were going too well!”

His fate changed after becoming Pagma's Successor. In the past, he lived an unlucky life. After becoming Pagma's Successor, most of the results were positive, no matter what hardship he went through. But why did he have to go through hardship everywhere he went? Did he have to accept it just because things worked out well?

Grid couldn't suppress his anger. He looked around at all the people before asking, “Isn’t this the kingdom’s second largest city? Doesn’t that mean it’s rich? So why are the people in this state? Eh? Were they robbed by a group of thieves or something?”

“In the past, it was the richest city in the kingdom; however, everything changed 10 years ago when the giant worms appeared.”

“The giant worms? What do those monsters have to do with Reidan?"

Lauel explained to Grid, “This is what Faker found out after questioning the administrator and the people here.”

10 years ago. Reidan was the second largest city after Reinhardt and was called the second capital of the kingdom. However, this situation changed once the giant worms appeared on a large scale.

The giant worms ravaging the land were so strong that they couldn’t be subjugated...

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