Chapter 216 (Teaser)

Nine days ago.

The Overgeared members utilized the excellent transportation method of carriages and arrived in Reidan ahead of Grid, but they tasted huge disappointment.

The best city in the west, Reidan! According to the map, it was the second largest city of the Eternal Kingdom. How prosperous would it be? The Overgeared members were full of expectations, but they were baffled because it looked more like a ruin.

“What happened here?"

“Wow, there is nothing big in the city.”

“The shops are closed, the doors broken and the poor are on the street...”

“The rice fields are like a wasteland.”

"In the first place, doesn’t the population seem too small?”

Huroi, Lauel, and Faker remained calm while the guild members were making a disturbance. They looked over Reidan and brought up its information.

Name: Reidan

Size: Big City

Ruler: Grid (Duke of the Eternal Kingdom. Master of the Overgeared Guild)

Administrator: Arik (C-grade administrative ability)

* The higher the administrative ability of the administrator, the higher the overall development of the estate.

Affiliation: The...

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