Chapter 215 (Teaser)

Reidan was a three or four days’ walk away from Patrian. However, Grid’s party encountered monsters all the time. They didn’t avoid it, so their journey was delayed several times.

‘The experience is really good.’

It had been six days since leaving Patrian.

Meanwhile, Grid hunted the strongest monsters in the west and reached level 273. In addition, his experience gauge was at 60%. It was a stunning level-up speed that users couldn’t dream of matching, simply due to the fact that he leveled up every two days. 

Grid didn’t know this, but even Kraugel wasn’t able to level up as quickly as Grid currently was when he was level 270.

‘I will be level 275 by the time I reach Reidan,’ Grid excitedly thought to himself. Even the top rankers would find it hard to hunt these western monsters, so he was proud of his items and his skills.

‘This game is truly about items. Control? That was something that only losers who didn’t have good items worried about. Puhahat!’

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