Chapter 214 (Teaser)

Grid and Piaro walked alongside each other, while Bland awkwardly followed behind. Grid looked at Piaro to verify.

“How was it? The skills of one of the 10 great magicians on the continent?”

“It was more than I expected. He was mentally strong enough to withstand my oppression. If he used an orb as a weapon, it would’ve been a close fight.”

For magicians, the staff was a weapon with the concept of high risk and high return. There was no magic storage function, so its stability was poor, but the magic amplification rate was so high that it was possible to use a powerful one-shot.

Most magicians were burdened by the high risk and turned away from the staff, but Earl Ashur was overconfident in his magic casting speed. Unlike regular magicians, he used a staff as a weapon, and that was a weakness when dealing with someone strong like Piaro today. He was defeated before he could use magic in front of Piaro.

‘Ashur is really strong.’

Grid didn’t show it, but he was terrified when hit by Ashur’s Fluid Escape.

He wore the Armor of Holy Light made out of the god mineral adamantium by the legendary blacksmith Pagma. The legendary item had the effect of ‘50% reduction in magic damage,’ so he was surprised that he suffered 40,000 damage from a single strike. 


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