Chapter 213 (Teaser)

‘He’s this strong?’

Earl Ashur was exposed to news about Grid’s actions in Reinhardt. The strongest golem army, that hundreds of thousands of troops couldn’t go against, was cut like carrots. But weren’t rumors always exaggerated?

During Grid’s novice adventurer days. Earl Ashur remembered that he had no talent and was a fool, so he had no choice but to laugh at the rumors. Grid might have the ability of a legend, but it was dulled because he couldn’t use it properly. The nobles must’ve intentionally inflated the rumors in order to boost the morale of the people.

But that wasn’t it. Now Grid was the hero in the rumors. At that moment, Earl Ashur’s memories of the beginner Grid were completely blown away.  His narrow perception disappeared and he started to perceive the current Grid correctly.

‘Indeed, this is an absolute presence.’

The two eyes reminiscent of rotten fish. The mean eyes when facing the weak now shone as they contemplated the world in a much stronger face. The weak body that always shrank back. The pathetic flesh that ran away...

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