Chapter 2032 (Teaser)

The north… 

Jormungandr’s hint helped tremendously. Based on Grid’s current position, there was only one area in the north where the demon cultivators could set up their base. 

‘The Collapsed Temple.’ 

The cemetery of the forgotten gods. 

Grid’s expression became bitter as he checked the annotation on the map. Even beings who were supposed to be gods would die the moment they were forgotten because there was no such thing as a god that no one knew about. 

In that sense, the gods of Asgard had a fire burning at their feet because it was the Overgeared World, not Asgard, that was closely involved in the lives of humanity currently. The gods of the Overgeared World, united around Grid, lived alongside humans. They watched humans from the side, helped them, and thus, became the objects of a new faith. 

Meanwhile, the gods of Asgard faded from people’s memories. With the exception of Rebecca, Dominion, and Judar, who had formed huge religions, most of the gods could end up forgotten and extinguished within decades. This was very serious. 

However, it wasn’t that bad. The gods of Asgard didn’t take action prematurely. It wasn’t that they had something they believed in. Rather, they were greatly influenced by the...

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