Chapter 2031 (Teaser)

Among Faker’s ultimate skills, there was one called Greed. He had inherited it from Kasim, the Shadow King. 

Kasim was the last surviving member of the Nero tribe. This was a minority group that had been destroyed by Juander. After learning the history of the Nero tribe, Faker once confessed to Grid that, if he happened to meet Juander, he would hurt the former emperor even if Juander had turned into a hero who saved people. Faker hated Juander after finding out the origin of Greed. 

Of course, Faker was a composed guy. No incidents occurred when he actually met Juander. 

Did he give up because he saw Juander and Chensler’s skills and decided he had no chance of winning? Was he good at controlling emotions and distinguishing between public and private matters? Or had Kasim, who had already forgiven Juander, persuaded him to give up? Grid didn’t know the details but, in any case... Greed was a myth born from the history of oppressed people and proof of their pain. 

Greed was the name of a greedy monster, the incarnation of greed who ate everything and eventually devoured itself. From the Nero tribe’s perspective,...

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