Chapter 2023 (Teaser)

Could they destroy the last Full Moon Fortress in the East Continent within the allocated time? 

The players were the main force in this war. No matter how well Juander’s group, the daoist immortals, and the Chivalrous Robbers performed, they weren’t doing as much compared to the players. This made sense given that almost all the guilds and rankers, except for the Overgeared Guild, had gathered here. Even Valhalla’s military power, led by God of War Ares himself, was only a fragment of the players’ forces. 

‘It’s fine. We have the upper hand.’ 

9,310 guilds had allied temporarily during the quest. Contrary to people’s concerns, the Player’s Alliance consisting of large and small guilds had maintained their original purpose. No problems had arisen in their cooperation even as the war neared its end. 

They had cooperated without any problems even toward the end of the war. Some players sometimes tried to stand out to make a name for themselves, but the alliance officials dealt with them without any fuss. This didn’t mean the officials threatened or assassinated people. They simply sent those who wanted publicity in the front lines to have a chance at proving themselves. Once they inevitably died, most...

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