Chapter 202 (Teaser)

 “Amazing! Amazing!”

The directors and PDs of the broadcasting stations relaying the Reinhardt war were excited. Grid’s companions played an active role against the golems and audience ratings were high, so it was natural to feel excited.

‘Grid is a genuine star!’

Just six people pushed this golem army that had smashed the 700 Giant Guild members led by the 3rd ranked Chris. Their combat power seemed like it could be evaluated as over the Tzedakah Guild, which had been regarded as the strongest force in Satisfy. Indeed, Grid was a legend. Whenever he appeared in public, he overwhelmed the audience with his power, causing the audience ratings to rise every time he appeared. He created the buzzword ‘Praise God Grid.’

"It would be nice if he summoned Noe...”

However, human greed was endless!

The station PDs were hoping for the appearance of Noe, who was just as popular as Grid. If the cute Noe emerged, the audience ratings would clearly rise because the hearts of the children and female viewers would be captured.

On the other hand, the hosts’ mouths were dry from praising Grid’s...

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