Chapter 2018 (Teaser)

Song Juseop was very prideful. He had been practicing kendo from a young age and used to be the best in the country during middle school and high school. Even though he started focusing on his studies later than his peers, he graduated from a prestigious university. He turned his life around by realizing the potential of Grid’s skills during the First International Competition... 

In many ways, he was not an ordinary person. 

Even Song Juseop himself often wondered, ‘Could it be that I made some great contribution in my previous life and received a blessing from God?’ 

This was why he was a devout Christian, Catholic, and Buddhist. 

...In any case, he was always full of confidence. He never felt intimidated when he had to prove himself in front of others. 

But now it was different. 

Failure was one of Grid’s first symbolic weapons. Juseop was very tense as he stood in front of the iron armor with a replica of Failure. He tried to control his breathing and concentrate, but he couldn’t calm down. Shin Youngwoo was standing right next to him. Youngwoo was just a young man wearing a simple tracksuit. He seemed ordinary at first glance, but was actually an extraordinary individual. 


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