Chapter 2015 (Teaser)

“H-Hold on! Don’t back down!” 

Most cultivators had a clear advantage over players. The cultivators’ shields neutralized most attacks, so the players didn’t deal any damage to them. 

A shield was created by concentrating spiritual energy. It was so simple to create one that it was hard to classify it as a technique. 

Every cultivator took their shield for granted. This was why low-level cultivators could fight in the front lines. 




Shields weren’t unbreakable. 

Shields consumed spiritual energy every time they blocked an attack, and there was a limit to that. The cultivators were very vulnerable if an army of tens of thousands launched long-range attacks toward them. The color of the spiritual energy varied according to the technique that the cultivator had learned. So when the colorful protection of the cultivators was broken one by one and scattered like stars... 

“Good! We’re breaking through!” 

The Overgeared Guild’s elite forces succeeded in breaking through the shields of the cultivators. Disgusted, the cultivators tried using mystical arts, but to no avail. They were almost out of spiritual energy. Even if they completed a mystical art, it wouldn’t...

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