Chapter 177 (Teaser)

Chapter 177

“Hurent? If he participates in PvP, I will log him out in 30 seconds.”

It was a shocking declaration. There was only the sound of breathing everywhere.

'Are you making fun of the United States?’

The United States’ power was superior to all the countries that competed in the National Competition. It wasn’t uncommon for people to think that the United States would win the overall competition. 

Hurent was the number two user in the US team. Yet Hurent was going to be logged out in only 30 seconds? Youngwoo’s remark was dangerous enough to stimulate the entire American population.

'This will unconditionally be a front page headline!’

Amazing. A scoop above all other scoops. The reporters’ eyes shone. In particular, the Korean reporters were thrilled. How excited would Koreans become when they heard Youngwoo’s remark? They couldn’t even fathom it.

On the other hand, the American reporters were uncomfortable.

“The experts have analyzed that Hurent is better than you. Don’t you think you are acting too proudly? It seems to be an exaggeration.”

"You declared it publicly, but what if you can’t log out Hurent in 30 seconds? Then you will be be disgraced globally. Can you afford the mockery and criticism from the public?”

“The world will become disappointed that the first legendary class is a simple braggart. Do you have any intention of withdrawing...

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