Chapter 176 (Teaser)

Chapter 176

"Is there a reason you didn’t use your ranged skill called Transcended Link? Isn’t it a skill optimized to catch Hurent when he’s running away?”

It was Yura’s question.

They were heading back to the waiting room after the awards ceremony. Youngwoo was humming happily. No one would’ve believed that he had been angry during the awards ceremony.

[The target processing match, South Korean’s unexpected win! The whole nation is enthusiastic! Praise Pagma's Successor!]

[The owner of the first legendary class is Korean? Shin Youngwoo, who is he?]

[The brilliant appearance of the man called Grid! A strong impact! Women’s hearts are thumping!]

[<Column> Will Grid be able to regain South Korea’s reputation as a gaming powerhouse?]

[The whole world is watching Korea and Pagma's Successor! Entering the National Competition, it isn’t a dream!]

[Grid helped Jishuka, the Brazilian representative. What is the meaning of this action? Are the two people lovers?]

Indeed, Satisfy’s influence was amazing. He became a global star in a manner of minutes. Shin Youngwoo read the Internet articles on his phone. He was...

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