Chapter 166 (Teaser)

Chapter 166


[A fire stone has been acquired.]

While Grid was struggling with Hao Gao, Peak Sword successfully managed to mine the fire stone.

‘I did it!’

The red stone that clung deeply to the ground emerged, causing Peak Sword to feel a tremendous joy. It was like managing to pull out a fat lump accumulated in his nose for many years! Was it like pulling out the roots?  

“Yes! Success! I gathered a fire stone!”

He played Satisfy for a year and a half, endured all types of trials, gained experience and earned the 16th rank on the unified rankings.  He was able to raise his level through hunting, raiding a powerful boss or fighting against hostile forces. Now his eyes were opened to a new way of enjoying the game.

‘I felt so much pleasure the moment I extracted a mineral. Should I learn the mining skill?’

Peak Sword felt a serious sense of accomplishment and waved the fire stone at Grid.

“How about it? Didn’t I do well?”

Grid raised his thumb from where he was confronting Hell Gao. "Well done.”


It was amazing. He felt good about receiving praise from that guy. Peak Sword was laughing when he suddenly frowned.

‘No? What am I doing right now?’

He was 16th in the unified...

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