Chapter 165 (Teaser)

Chapter 165

Syuok! Syu syu syu syu syuk!

The seven golden blades simultaneously aimed at his eyes, cheeks, head and chin. The speed was equivalent to Memphis, who was the fastest in hell, so the demonkin would be unable to react.

But Hell Gao was one of the 33 great demons, so he didn’t think of it as a threat.

'The human might be skilled at throwing, but this is just at the level of a pest.’

He drew a small circle with his staff.


The seven blades didn’t reach the target and scattered all over the place. However, they didn’t fall towards the ground. Instead, they flew up again and attacked Hell Gao.


Hell Gao was amazed. He thought the seven golden blades had been thrown by the human in red armor, but they were moving by themselves?

Kaang! Kakakang!

The golden blades that continued flying at Hell Gao were annoying. He decided to destroy them and firmly hit one with his staff. However, the blade was fine and didn’t even get one scratch. It stiffened for a while before moving again.

‘Outstanding durability. Is it adamantium? But why are they moving on their own?'

Fast and solid gold blades! They weren’t controlled by magic, so how did they move by themselves? They didn’t tire, and gave Hell Gao a feeling of pressure.

In the end.

"Get lost!”

Hell Gao released hot wind all over the place. The golden blades were pushed by the wind pressure and could no longer approach hi...

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