Chapter 1643 (Teaser)

There was a mother and child left in a fragment of his memory.

An ordinary woman and an extraordinary child. As screams erupted everywhere and chandeliers fell and smashed, the mother and child struggled to protect each other. The helpless woman embraced her son, while her son escaped from his mother’s arms and picked up a sword as large as his own body.

Perhaps it happened... in the Vatican. He helped the mother and child who were surrounded by the Yatan Servants. He was originally working with the Yatan Servants, so he ended up stabbing them in the back. He knew there would be many disadvantages, but he still stepped out.

‘I did a good job.’

A boy who was now a young man—Agnus stared at the boy who had a bright smile on his face and praised his former self.

A small thrill flooded in. For the first time since he was born, he realized how happy he was to be able to praise himself and feel proud.

I—I was born and drove a woman to a miserable death.

For the first time, this garbage that is worse than filth, feels pride... 

“That is where I...” Lord’s stories about his adventure continued without stopping. Lord chatted as brightly as he could while trying not to notice the breathless sobs of Agnus, who had his head lowered.


No human being always made the right choices. All human beings had regrets and suffered. In particular, the more someone believed they were inferior to others, the more regrets they left behind. It was the same for Grid. It was even in childhood, in school, and in society. For all types of reasons and excuses, he left a variety of regrets. 

Even these days, he would take a shower and scream when...

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