Chapter 1642 (Teaser)

“Wait! Wait a minute!”

People gave Grid all types of praise. Occasionally, there was a group that went beyond the level of a great man and treated him as an angel. It was because he had a good demeanor and did a lot of good deeds. However, from the position of being Grid’s enemy, hearing such stories was laughable. It couldn’t be denied that he did a lot of good deeds in both reality and Satisfy.

Yet his behavior? Imitating his behavior was just nonsense. This was a real gangster. At this moment, Rose was convinced that the parents who read Grid’s biography to their children should keep a close eye on their children so that they didn’t grow up to become wicked people.

Suddenly, she felt a cold blade against her neck. No, it was just a feeling. It wasn’t really cold. There was no distinctive metallic smell or feeling. It felt non-existent. The blade that touched her neck was clearly real and filled one side of Rose’s vision, but for some reason, Rose couldn’t feel a sense of reality. On the contrary, it seemed that weapons made with energy-based skills would show a more distinct presence.

‘This is a dragon weapon...’

Rose assumed...

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