Chapter 1639 (Teaser)

Hoo, hah.”


It was early in the morning...

Youngwoo arrived at the promenade and was dumbfounded. Jishuka was floundering around. She took deep breaths and slowly swung her arms around. It resembled the Tai Chi moves in movies that Youngwoo enjoyed as a child. She had good proportions and was pretty, so she looked good no matter what she did.

Jishuka explained to the engrossed Youngwoo, “It is good for increasing concentration.”

It was surprisingly difficult to release the action slowly. It required higher concentration and patience than when moving fast.

Youngwoo nodded as he remembered a story he once heard.

‘I heard that the difficulty of the new skill she learned is very high. Is this why?’

He had watched the video recorded by his younger sister, Sehee, several times. Now Jishuka’s arrows didn’t need to be aimed at the target. She shot at the innocent ground or walls and it repeatedly bounced off and bent at strange angles before reaching the target. The demons collapsed with an incredulous look as they looked down at the arrows stuck in their necks.

Jishuka’s arrows had a stealth effect and evolved into a more unpredictable weapon. However, he heard it was very difficult to use because it wasn’t easy to calculate the trajectory even from the perspective of shooting arrows.

Hmm... Should I try it too?” Youngwoo had never skipped stretching before he started his jogs. It was always with Jishuka, but now Jishuka was doing Tai Chi instead...

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