Chapter 1636 (Teaser)

It was when he saw the spear made by Hexetia. Grid once again realized the difference in skill between himself and Hexetia.

There were no complaints. He could understand. Hexetia was the god of blacksmiths. It was a shameful wish to compare blacksmithing skills against him, whose stats and powers were so rooted in the creation of items.

However, Grid didn’t think he was unconditionally at a disadvantage. The material of Hexetia’s short sword or spear was the divine stone. It was the unique material created by Hexetia. It was probably a great metal, but it didn’t have an advantage over the scales and bones of a dragon.

He saw Xenon’s scale today and was convinced.

[Xenon’s Heart Scale]

[Rating: Myth

A scale that regenerates with the highest priority among the scales of the gray dragon, Xenon. 

It is the thickest and strongest as it wraps right around the right side of the chest where the dragon’s heart sits.]

‘This is definitely on a different grade from the scales I’ve dealt with so far.’

It was when Grid fought Cranbel. This was the reason why he couldn’t deal a direct blow to the dragon’s heart. A bit of confidence grew in Grid’s heart as he admired and examined the scale.

‘One day,...

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