Chapter 1634 (Teaser)

A game surely had an end. It was because the story had an ending, or the content was depleted. It wasn’t just single player games, but also online games enjoyed by multiple users. The developers added new content every time, but it didn’t mean much. It was easy to remember that even movies made by hundreds of the best people in each field with hundreds of billions of capital behind them were often ruined.

People in the gaming industry weren’t gods. They weren’t always successful in developing content that satisfied the majority. On the contrary, the more updates that were done, the more the game received a backlash. In the end, every game tended to have fewer users as the service period continued and they would eventually disappear into history.

Online games with a PvP system had a particularly short lifespan. It was because PvP naturally had winners and losers. The winner got the better reward, so as time passed, they entered their own league. 

What were some ways to extend the lifespan of the game? This was the biggest challenge the gaming industry had been contemplating for a long time.

The answer was in seasons. It gave new stimulus to users by resetting the game environment after a certain period of time passed. It wasn’t at the level of simply resetting the rankings like in...

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