Chapter 1632 (Teaser)

Unlike the gods or half-gods born out of the intentions of the gods of the beginning, the purpose of the human gods was vague and the vast majority of them were born without understanding it. Few of them were pleased with the power and eternal life that they suddenly gained one day. No, they were resentful.

It was because they were targeted and suffered due to the myth predatorsThe myth predators were persistent. The moment they accidentally discovered the presence of a human god, they studied the background of the target. They grasped an instinct that even the human god didn’t know based on the aspirations of the human beings who created the human god. They threw the bait and lured the human god into their territory.

For example, the reason Debirion visited a forest near the No Offspring Tomb was because he was fascinated by the rumor that there was prey in the forest that would enrich humans. Fortunately, he didn’t enter the interior of the No Offspring Tomb and this helped him avoid the worst situation of being eaten by the Specter of the No Offspring Tomb. It was just that from then on, his life turned into hell. In a situation where he was pursued by the minions of the Gale, the minions of other predators clung to him, so he couldn’t rest for a moment. His life was threatened...

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