Chapter 1630 (Teaser)

A warning literally meant an act of ‘giving advance notice.’ It was the foreshadowing of some type of outcome, but the warning itself was done without any foreshadowing. This was why a god’s warnings were so threatening. There was absolutely no way to omit the intention of an absolute who omitted the precursor.

Compared to the punishment, a law was established that the goal must be achieved, even if the level was low. It was why Zik in the distant past couldn’t resist the Curse of Sloth. The warning that Asgard sent before punishing the seven malignant saints was to put Zik to sleep and Zik was helplessly forced to suffer. It was due to this experience that Zik couldn’t believe it even more.

‘How can this be?’

A spear thrown by the god of war who suddenly appeared. It was right for it to hit. It might not be fatal to Grid, but it must hit him. However, it was returned futilely. Grid’s dance, which increased in power along with the sanctuary, struck Dominion’s spear and warning. He returned it in reverse. It was something that shouldn’t have happened.

Dominion frowned as he witnessed the collapse of order once again.

‘Mother, why?’

Dominion couldn’t avoid the flying spear because it was a warning...

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