Chapter 1629 (Teaser)

It was impossible to track Raphael. A golden cloud from the sky blocked the approach of Hayate and the apostles. It was an attitude that stated those who weren’t allowed should withdraw. 

Braham snorted.

“Presumptuous and arrogant.”

Braham’s ridicule wasn’t to release emotions. It was a rational sentiment based on obvious grounds. 

Heaven—Asgard had reigned because it was the only world of the gods. It was naturally worshiped and accumulated divinity. Now it wasn’t the only sanctuary. It was the aftermath of Grid unveiling the Hwan Kingdom and the establishment of the Overgeared World on the surface.

The Overgeared World—from the moment it was named, the mysterious sanctuary was coloring the surface with new divinity. It was easy to sense, unlike the divinity of Asgard that was far away. It was clearly seen and felt. It was an energy that would benefit all beings on the surface.

People would gradually move away from Asgard. Now the symbol of Asgard, a mere cloud, was acting arrogant? It was unsightly. It was like a beggar begging to make a living swaggering around.

Braham shrugged and looked back. He saw a blond-haired man. The man who arrived at the scene before him. It was impressive that he had a dignity comparable to Braham, who inherited a noble lineage.

Braham knew who he was. “Dragon Slayer.”

The only absolute on the surface and the protector who...

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