Chapter 1628 (Teaser)

Grid had doubts about the utility of Restraint. It wasn’t because he didn’t know the importance of CCs. It was because Grid himself was too strong. It was a loss to invest in it from Grid’s perspective, who easily attacked without having to use it and directly condensed a single attack into a lethal blow.

However, now that he was fighting enemies of a higher level than himself, he once again realized the preciousness of Restraint. It was up to 0.1 seconds in duration. Even so, the value of Restraint couldn’t be diminished. It was important when fighting against the absolutes.

‘Operate it in such a way that it is used as soon as I read an attack with my artificial senses.’

It was possible to artificially implement the trick of a late start. Even if he responded one step late to the attack of enemies who were faster and stronger than him, he could let the attack flow out and counterattack.

“What is going on?”

People murmured when they saw Grid breaking through the roof of the temple and soaring. The crowd that gathered after hearing about the birth of the Overgeared World wasn’t just one or two. The temple that collapsed along with the explosion made many people nervous. They were afraid that the enemy might be attacking again.

This was how turbulent it was. People thought of an enemy attack even when a small incident occurred. They were overcome with fear and pulled out their weapons in an alert manner. 


The Overgeared World. A small dimension, that was rooted in Grid’s divinity, resonated with the hearts...

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