Chapter 1625 (Teaser)

‘Indeed, there are limits to my current state.’

Watch the strength and weaknesses of the enemy before taking action. Even if the sword was drawn late, he would strike the opponent first and deny the rule of ‘must win’ for the opponent. It was an easy trick against those who weren’t skilled. If it was an opponent he could overwhelm with physical power and control, then it was easy even if he watched and responded late.

However, it was difficult to use for an opponent who was equal. It had to be supported by not only control and the body, but also insight and light. The difficulty was high. So far, Kraugel was the only player who had shown a late start against Grid. Kraugel had only shown it a couple of times, which was the limit.

To be honest, Grid had only recently learned the concept of a late start. Over the past few months, he had been collecting and analyzing the PvP footage of players. It was a concept he realized in the process of playing Kraugel’s highlight videos over and over again, as if it was a habit, before he realized there was something strange. Then he concentrated and dug into it.

A technique that couldn’t be defined even if he experienced it himself...

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