Chapter 1624 (Teaser)

[Overgeared God ‘Grid’ has defeated the 2nd archangel, ‘Gabriel.’]

For angels, the body was clothing. It was a concept that could be easily discarded and changed. Harming their bodies didn’t cause pain or death. Of course, the story was different when the Saintess was around, but Ruby was currently active in the hell expedition. From the beginning, Grid wasn’t obsessed with Gabriel. Rather than feeling regret that he wasn’t able to stop her from running away, he was satisfied and rejoiced that he had protected Garion.

“First of all, let’s go to the temple.”

Grid gently held the wrists of Garion and Debirion. There was courtesy in his conduct, such as seeking their understanding in advance. Grid’s inner feelings of respect for the two gods naturally made him polite.

The two gods were still stunned.

The goddess’ masterpiece—the hierarchy of the archangel Gabriel was at a height that made the gods on earth mere miscellaneous junk. She was a difficult existence even considering that they weren’t complete, unlike in heaven. She was that virtuous from birth. Yet she was trampled on by Grid.

Was it ‘someone who overshadowed the years’ or something? They had vaguely heard rumors that even dragons had a high regard...

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