Chapter 1623 (Teaser)

The sanctuary was a measure that distinguished between a high or low god. The stronger the god, the more powerful their divinity and the more independent the realm that was built. Being independent made it hard to approach.

‘This is the sanctuary of the Overgeared God.’ 

The angels were accustomed to the sanctuary of the goddess. Even with fighting against the expelled gods or suppressing the rebellion of the seven malignant saints, the angels fought with protection in the goddess’ sanctuary. It meant she had a high discerning eye. Gabriel easily grasped and evaluated the Overgeared God’s sanctuary.


It was a canyon of steel. The steel that melted in the heat spreading from the Overgeared God’s heart made hundreds of armor and overlaid them on the Overgeared God. Attacks could be absorbed without damage. It was a space optimized for the concept of protection. It was a sanctuary that reflected the tendencies of the Overgeared God who protected humanity.

If it was Raphael, they would’ve ridiculed and belittled it for being the domain of a coward, but... Gabriel couldn’t smile at all.

‘It is a noble mental world.’

The canyon of steel was high and serene. The steel that formed the canyon was cold and the heat that melted the steel was hot. The scene was like the tip of hell. However, Gabriel got a glimpse into the essence behind the landscape.

Humanity had faced all types...

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