Chapter 1622 (Teaser)

The beginning of the memory was a bright light. Garion understood the concept of beauty when she first opened her eyes. [1]

Cultivate the land. Let the bushes take root and let the clear water flow so that the ground animals could play and the flying beasts could rest.

Garion thought that the heart of her mother, who came down on the golden clouds with a smile, was beautiful. 

“You always greet me with the same look.” Her mother’s expression suddenly saddened, but Garion had no doubts. She was just becoming aware of herself. She was busy retrieving the information flooding her mind as a side effect of awakening her consciousness and reasoning. She naturally buried her mother’s words, which seemed like it wasn’t the first time they met. 

It was a memory that became blurrier because of the faint voice.

‘...I am reminded of that now.’

She lost all her divine power. It included the divine power she gained from the Overgeared God. It went beyond the level of being unable to fulfill her duties. She now found it hard to even establish her existence. It was only at this time that the fragments of memory that came to mind were assembled. She was saddened to realize that the culprit that sealed such an important memory was nothing other than divine power.

‘I see.’

She had always been abandoned.

In the previous world and the previous worlds before that. In the world that would follow as well—she had faced and would face the same moment as today.

Tears streamed down Garion’s...

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