Chapter 1621 (Teaser)

The past few months had been hectic and busy.

Finding and distributing the secret techniques obtained from Zeratul, disassembling the weapons to create new items, inspecting the armies of the main strongholds, visiting Valhalla to build up an exchange, exploring ancient ruins and securing new food resources for Nefelina, who had become dissatisfied with livestock such as cattle and pigs.

There were no major incidents, but time flew by quickly. 

A sensation that penetrates in an instant. It resembled Zeratul’s sword power. Grid was aware of it.

‘I’m nervous.’

His reunion with Baal wasn’t far away. He realized it in the course of crossing the continent in search of the human gods. The flow of the world had become even faster. After encountering the servants of the myth usurpers, fighting several battles, and destroying the guardians who protected the ruins, he reached level 700. All stats were strengthened by 1.3 times after reaching the 7th awakening. He felt several times stronger.

Just in time, he received the news that Chris had surpassed level 400. It was a growth rate that exceeded expectations. It was a feat achieved only one year after...

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