Chapter 1619 (Teaser)

‘Save me? Why?’

Once the light came, chaos lost its darkness. At the end of the procession of trumpet blowing angels was Goddess Rebecca. The goddess created the heavens and earth and formed living things, while Dominion and Judar helped. It was a prelude to Genesis.

The first thing Rebecca did when she came to the surface was the creation of the heavens and the land. Garion and the World Tree were likely to have been born at this time. It meant that just like the other heavenly gods, Rebecca was Garion’s mother. Of course, he had been on the surface ever since his birth, so his tendencies might be different from the other gods in heaven. Even approaching Piaro and Grid was within the scope of understanding.

Yet asking for help was a completely different matter. 

Garion wanted Grid to save him? A god who was respected and loved by all and who had Rebecca behind him. He was in a position to ask for help?


Grid didn’t answer hastily. Doubts had already sprang up in his heart as he touched his chin. He acknowledged that Garion was a god worthy of respect, but he didn’t trust Garion.

It was the right decision. The first Great Human and Demon War that Pagma went through, the second Great Human and Demon War that humans of this time went throug, and the old...

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