Chapter 1618 (Teaser)

Do you believe in the existence of gods?

This was a question that didn’t exist in Satisfy. Gods existed. Traces left by gods were all over the world. Until 15 years ago, some people heard Rebecca’s voice. Dominion and Judar, who were bound to Rebecca and worshiped alongside her as the three gods, still gave divine messages to their believers.

Right now, Overgeared God Grid was living with humans. Grid's divine objects had been absorbed into the world and performed all types of miracles. 

This was the reason why human gods overflowed. People knew about the existence of gods and they naturally associated gods with great beings. They easily worshiped and deified targets. One of the biggest factors that made the gods feel real was the god of the earth.

Garion, the god of the earth, was sensitive to disasters, especially man-made ones, and protected the land. The land was the most primordial concept that established humans. People felt Garion clearly and relied on him. Even the churches of the three gods revered Garion despite them defining gods who stayed on the surface rather than heaven as heresy. 

The land had always been polluted. It...

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