Chapter 1617 (Teaser)

“Zeratul? He is a weird guy.”

The defeat of the martial god was also a topic in hell.

“Why did he descend to the surface and fight unfavorably? On the surface, the rank of the Overgeared God is by no means easy,” Amoract asked like she didn’t understand.

The 3 evils of the beginning—they were the absolutes of hell created by Yatan himself. Even the 4th Great Demon, Gamigin, who reigned with fear during the Great Human and Demon War, feared them. However, an absolute appreciated Grid.

‘Considering Grid’s achievements, even Yatan would appreciate him. It isn’t just Amoract.’

Rose was surprised, but she was understandably convinced. On the other hand, she also felt sad.

‘By the way, Amoract has been courting Yura as well, right? Is she just treating me poorly?’

Endurance of hardships—it was a phrase that Rose had been reminded of hundreds or thousands of times. By the time she was aiming for the black magician rankings, Yura had already been reigning as the most supreme magician. She surpassed the 1st ranked black magician rankings to dominate the overall rankings and became Yatan’s Servant.

The gap had widened by the time Yura betrayed the Yatan Church. She started to cooperate with the Overgeared Guild. The best rankers in each field gathered around Grid and created a synergy beyond imagination. The Overgeared Guild was literally active in all directions. They established a kingdom and reigned.

Hostile forces were brutally trampled on and the targets included the Yatan Church. The Overgeared Guild might not even remember it, but Rose had clashed with the Overgeared Guild again and again. Every time, she suffered defeat, failure, and bitness as if it was natural.

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