Chapter 1616 (Teaser)

[Formless Will - Divine Skill]

[Attack the target with a solid willpower. 

* The amount of damage done by Formless Will is the same as the willpower stat combined with the strength stat. It completely ignores the target’s resistance and defense.

* Targets with the willpower stat will be immune to this attack.

Skill Resources Consumed: None.

Skill Cooldown Time: 10 seconds after every three activations.]

Formless Will was a basic skill gained by realizing the concept of the mental world. It naturally grew as Grid’s mental world evolved. The cooldown time, which used to be a huge 24 hours, was extremely shortened and as of today, there was no consumption of resources. This meant it could be used properly in practice. It was on a different level from the yangban, Garam, who used Formless Will against the Grid who didn’t yet know the concept of a mental world. It was at the level of harming the enemy just by having the will. 

Of course, that was only when dealing with those who were unskilled. Those who were hostile to Grid were usually transcendents, so they naturally had the willpower stat. They weren't targetable by Formless Will.

Grid recalled the archangel Raphael’s face and...

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