Chapter 1615 (Teaser)

The sky above the sky—it was a place where golden clouds formed the sky: Asgard. It was the heavenly place where the seven main gods and 18 lower gods resided.


The expression of Martial God Zeratul was calm as he reached the temple. The soaring eyebrows and long beard that descended to the ground were dignified and his gait was majestic. He looked like usual. However, the evaluation of the angel who met him was stinging.


The number one archangel, Raphael—they were the leader of the angel army, which had recently grown to 465, and had the second largest military power after Dominion, the god of war. Raphael was one of the only beings with the right to meet the goddess, and the expression of ‘influential power in heaven’ wasn’t exaggerated.

“Quite a few humans have witnessed your defeat. Rumors are going to spread quickly. Perhaps it is because their allowed lives are short, but humans are obsessed with pleasure, right? They will surely enjoy the story of how the martial god ran away for a long time.”

“Are you not going to treat me like a god any longer?”

Huh? Haha, I made a mistake. It isn’t a story, it is a myth, a myth. It is even a myth that will last forever.”

“How can a mere story last forever? The only eternal beings in this world are the gods.”

After all, as always, the world will perish and begin again. Rebecca and Yatan would make it so. Therefore, he had decided not to pay attention to it.

Zeratul barely regained his composure that started to collapse...

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