Chapter 1614 (Teaser)

“Aren’t we going to build up a transcendent status soon?” Vantner spoke with a serious expression. He had been subjugating the demonic creatures of hell for more than half a year and he already wasn’t ordinary.

Blood vessels that were as tough and thick as steel rose on the hard muscles that made armor look shabby. Every time the blood vessels twitched, the tattoos on the bald head moved and the impression he gave off changed dramatically. Depending on the angle of viewing, he seemed more ferocious and wild than a demon. 

It was the effect of the Light Iron Armor skill that he acquired with the fifth class advancement. The tank-based players. No, it was the ultimate skill that all warrior-type players would covet. Light Iron Armor was a passive skill that significantly increased defense and attack power, and reduced the cooldown of some skills in exchange for constantly declining health. As a fifth class advancement tank with high natural recovery, it was literally the ultimate skill without burden even if it was activated at all times.

“Don’t make a serious expression with that face. I thought you were a monster and almost killed you.”

The shortcomings of Light Iron Armor was a change in appearance. Due to the increase in muscle volume upon activation, there was a concern that the impression could become very rough depending on the basic appearance. It was like Vantner right now.

Of course, Vantner...

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