Chapter 1613 (Teaser)

Only three times. The people and players of Vex only blinked three times.

Was that really an old man? They questioned it when a man with a fierce gaze and presence appeared with no warning. The sight of the remnants of the Rebecca Church bursting like balloons was so terrible that they had to close their eyes. Then when the ground collapsed and the buildings exploded, they opened their eyes in shock and found that the 18 holy weapons had already formed a wave of light. They had to close their eyes for the second time because the light was so bright their eyes ached. 

Hundreds of thousands of explosions occurred as a ringing tinnitus pierced their minds. It was before they could scream. Everything was fast. It was difficult for the blinded people to tell if they lived or died. The situation was so urgent and threatening.

The people struggled in confusion without realizing where they had been wounded and who was helping them. It was an overwhelming combat force and great strength that couldn’t be understood, let alone resisted. They opened their eyes again after the light had subsided and the explosion calmed down.

This was what they saw.

[Martial God Zeratul has descended.]

[Zeratul has denied the martial arts you have accumulated.]

[Your armed might has become insignificant. All stats, including character level, skills level, and magic level will be reduced by 50%.] 

[Resistance has failed.]

[All passive skills and combat-related title functions...

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