Chapter 1612 (Teaser)

Light was everywhere. The darkness must be purified. Nevertheless, there was darkness because the light had gone away for a while and the reason why the light went away was a lack of faith.

'Pagan bastards.'

The wave of light formed by the 18 divine weapons—it was a magnificent and holy sight. It was enough of an opportunity to awaken true faith. However, their eyes were blinded and they turned away from the light. The reaction of the frowning humans was captured in Zeratul’s vision and senses. Exactly 87,598 people. No matter where they hid, he could see it clearly. He clearly read what type of expression they were making.

Zeratul was furious. He was a god derived from beings who worshiped and long for martial arts. Therefore, he was the only god who didn’t have much to do with Goddess Rebecca. However, wasn’t it Goddess Rebecca who created the world in the first place?

Zeratul worshiped Rebecca. He couldn’t stand by while those who had been made out of Rebecca’s kindness rejected the light. Turning away because the light was dazzling? It was blasphemy. High treason.

The wave of light that was cut in half by Grid swirled. It spread everywhere in response to Zeratul’s will. The holy weapons guided the light. The 18 holy weapons targeted and shot at humans, causing a chain bombardment of light. As always, it was Grid...

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