Chapter 1611 (Teaser)

“Vex? How fast...”

“They must’ve manipulated the timing of when they got the holy weapons. We need to contact the three forces of Sez, Aldia, and Hachiton right now so they can send a relief force...”

The three churches sought revival after gaining the holy weapons. The informants became urgent as they looked at the movements of the Rebecca Church after they gained 19 holy weapons.

Vex—they heard that thousands of Rebecca believers gathered in the eastern outskirts of a city far from the imperial capital. The enemy’s gathering speed was much faster than expected. They had no choice but to interpret it as intentional confusion in the information.

The good news was that there were three baronies surrounding Vex. Tens of thousands of rescue troops could be dispatched relatively quickly. However, this was already a war. The situation in each territory was different from usual.

“I can’t communicate with Sez or Aldia. It is presumed that the remnants of the Rebecca Church, who haven’t joined Vex, raided and cut off their magic communications.”

“Hachiton sent their army in the morning. It is meant to suppress the rebellion in the west, but the remnants of the Rebecca Church might’ve dazzled the people...”

The faces of the informants gradually darkened. They belonged to the Overgeared Shadows and they felt resentment toward the vast continent. In the days when the empire was still a kingdom, the territory was small and easy to manage. It was possible to monitor the continent’s major bases at all times due to the availability of manpower. It was no longer possible to properly watch their own...

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