Chapter 161 (Teaser)

Chapter 161

Seoul Olympic Stadium was opened in 1984 and expanded in 20XX, becoming the world’s fifth largest stadium that could accommodate a total of 198,000 spectators.

Currently, this huge arena was filled with many people from all over the world.

『 The opening of the First Satisfy National Competition, which the world has known about for two months, is starting in South Korea. 』

『 The criteria for selecting the participating countries is a ‘country with more than 10 top players in the National Competition related quests.’ So, it has been decided that 17 countries will participate in the First National Competition. 』

『 A total of 13 users are participating for each country. The team consists of 10 main players and 3 candidates. 』

『 There is a total of 221 athletes participating in the National Competition with an average level of 213, and most of the participants are within the top 500 rankings. However, it is known that some players who showed an outstanding performance in certain events are general level 100 users, not rankers. Reporter Braum is focused on the players, so let’s go there together. 』

『 The 221 players from 17 countries will compete...

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