Chapter 1609 (Teaser)

Knight, someone who was known to the public as the death god. A person who consumed the target’s ‘soul gauge’ to deal a definite death. Unlike his ID, his notoriety was quite high because his ability specialized in assassination. Some people said that his assassination-related potential was comparable to Faker.

Lauel paid attention to his personality. Cool-headed, yet tenacious. He clearly distinguished when to back down and when not to back down. He didn’t compromise easily. If faced with an unfavorable situation, he seemed to give up without any regrets, but in the end, he produced results. If 10 people escaped from Knight’s assassination, nine of them would suffer a mysterious death one day.

An inspector who needed to dive into the tiger’s lair and gather evidence to hunt the tiger. It was judged that there were few people more suitable than Knight to carry out the mission that had constant exposure to danger and temptation. 

Of course, Knight found it absurd. He was moved by Lauel’s effort to recruit him, so he joined the Overgeared Guild. But... his first assignment was unexpected. An assassin acting as an inspector?

‘In the first place, are there any fools who have a traitorous mind against the present empire?’

The Overgeared Empire used the absolute armed force and popularity of Grid as the backdrop for its birth. Not only did it absorb Saharan intact, but it received tribute for all nations on the continent. Was there...

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