Chapter 1607 (Teaser)

Punishment was Braham’s unique magic. Just as Disintegrate, which embodied light with magic power to form a spear, had its origin in the symbolic meaning of light, Punishment originated from Braham’s blood, magic power, and knowledge. 

It was designed and created by Braham himself from the basics. It was completely different from other magic that had been established and developed through the hands of countless people over a long period of time. The more people that witnessed Punishment, the more that Braham’s magic would be worshipped as a myth rather than a legend.

Why did he make Punishment? It was intended to be used against Gamigin, who was a formidable enemy at the time.

Yes, it was a good opportunity. The significance of Punishment lay in the beginning, not the end. The techniques that made up Punishment were free beyond the various standards. They worked as if they were alive. They eroded and covered other magic techniques.

A thunderbolt struck after Braham waved his hand through the air. It stretched out like a hundred-pronged spear and soon reached the end of Braham’s field of view. Clouds flowing around...

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