Chapter 1605 (Teaser)

People who were satisfied and comfortable with only billions or tens of billions in assets weren’t eligible to become Overgeared members. It had been a long time since the Overgeared Guild dominated various contents and Grid had reached the level of easily producing legendary items. Just as Chris recently purchased a legendary class change book, it was right to say that the Overgeared members were always exposed to the opportunity to purchase astronomically valuable items.

It was a situation where an ancient city and dragon killer appeared. As a result, forgotten literature and treasures were being unearthed. They couldn’t be careless no matter how much wealth they accumulated so far. Unless they were going to settle for the present and be eliminated, they had to work as hard as a cow to make more money. They also had to engrave the habit of frugality on their bodies.

Grid had personally reminded them by turning Chris into a debtor in an instant. It would’ve been very painful for Grid to sacrifice a longtime friend and colleague, but he had to sacrifice Chris as a lesson for everyone. 

‘He knew in advance that we would need more money in the future.’


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