Chapter 1604 (Teaser)

One day, a wounded dragon crashed into the middle of a city. It was purely coincidental. The city was just located at the wrong place at the wrong time. The dragon struggled in pain. Every time he screamed, the windows of the city were smashed. The same was true of the stained glass of the temple.

Goddess Rebecca, who was portrayed on the stained glass, was praying for humans, but it was meaningless. The goddess’ prayer didn’t protect humans from the disaster that had come.

The young Hayate was stunned. He just stared blankly as his neighbors were swept away by a gust of wind every time the dragon’s torn wings fluttered, his friends were crushed to death every time the dragon’s bloody tail swung, and his family burned in the flames mixed into the dragon’s screams.

This was until he saw his lover bursting like a balloon under the feet of the dragon who raised himself using the half-broken castle as a stepping stone. It was only after really losing everything that he realized this was reality, not a nightmare. 

His stopped thoughts started to run explosively. The thoughts that extended to all areas were out of control. He had to endure the...

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