Chapter 1603 (Teaser)

The first Baal’s Contractor said that Baal’s saliva turned him into a demon. He added that if Baal’s Contractor was truly evil, the worst villain would be born. The half-draconians, who had long demonstrated their combat power, were also born from a single drop of blood. It was believed that the blood shed by Evil Dragon Bunhelier accidentally fell into a well and mutated ordinary humans. 

The half-draconians, who made up and believed in a plausible legend, would deny it, but this was the reality. The influence of transcendent beings greatly deviated from the common sense of the public. When the average person saw it, it easily caused huge waves of unusual objects or actions.

‘These are the scales of a dragon.’

Dragon scales weren’t ordinary. Rather, it was the hardest part of a dragon’s body. This was actually a proven fact. Therefore, it became one of the greatest symbols of the dragons.

The armor of an absolute species. Dragon scales weren’t only the best material in the world, but they also had a great and powerful symbolic meaning. A dragon’s heart and horn was next.

‘It was no wonder why the radar had an error.’

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