Chapter 160 (Teaser)

Chapter 160

Bairan Village was completely restored from the war and enjoyed a larger boom than before.

There were many users who became fans after watching the Tzedakah Guild’s battle through TV and the Internet. 

Some of them tried to spy on Pagma's Successor, but there was nothing to worry about. It was impossible to obtain a clue about Grid just by looking at the video, and Grid’s residence was Winston, not Bairan. It was futile placing spies in Bairan.

“If the current trend continues, the population will exceed 12,000. It’s expected to steadily increase in the future."

“12,000? Can the size of this village accommodate that many people?”

“We need to expand the scale of the village by raising our internal affairs. But to do that, money is required, and we don’t have any at the moment.”

"The tax revenue will naturally increase as the population grows, so won’t time solve the insufficient funds? Isn’t it better to invest in internal affairs afterwards, instead of getting into debt?”

"There is no need to be in debt. Most of the new migrants have a very good feeling towards us. If we get our fan club to donate money to us, we will be able to grow our internal affairs faster than expected.”

“Oh...! The women’s cries filled the street whenever I walk through the village, are they my fans? Puhahat~!”

“They can’t be called fans but... Anyway Vantner, you are pretty popular. It seems that people liked the appearance of you trying...

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