Chapter 1599 (Teaser)

"Uh, how are you? Are you comfortable?”

[The water clan warrior ‘Dalina’ has given you the protection of the sea.]

[Breathing underwater has become possible.]


Grid’s eyes widened as he jumped into the sea.

A protection to help him breathe underwater. Of course, Grid didn’t need it. The myth rated mark ‘Black Tortoise’s Shell’ that was engraved like a tattoo on Grid’s body allowed him to breathe underwater. The surprising thing was that a young warrior had used the blessing.

Grid glanced at the young warrior of the water clan. In the center of the sea where sunlight melted and glowed bright green, memories of the past were recalled through the eyes he met.

“You, were you in Siren before...?”

“D-D-Do you remember? That’s right! I had the honor of fighting with Your Majesty when I was young! Hehe, I didn’t even have the strength to lift a trident at the time, so I threw a conch shell from afar...”

“...You have grown a lot.”

A smile spread on Grid’s face. The expression on his face softened to the point where even Grid himself was surprised. He was glad. The child he had protected had become an adult.

‘Even the protection of the sea can be used.’

The absolute protection that allowed breathing underwater was a privilege of the water clan royalty and some veteran warriors until just 10 years ago. Yet...

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