Chapter 1594 (Teaser)

[You guys...! You are rats who live in hiding and always disturb us at every important moment...!!}

The eyes of the top dragon Kubartos was colored a bright red. It was reminiscent of a blazing flame, but the expression that he was shedding tears of blood was more appropriate. Kubartos held more of a grudge than killing intent. The level of the tower members was too high to be angry and have a desire to kill. To be exact, he was reluctant to stimulate Hayate.

Dragon Slayer—he had already killed a dragon once, yet in a contradictory manner, he was excluded from any killing intent. This was the case even when the concept of thoughts were directly linked to strength. He showed no willingness to hurt KubartosThus, he came off even more threatening. He was like a bomb on the verge of exploding.

[Get out of my way!]

Not long ago, Kubartos thought he was very lucky. He was awake just in time and his lair was located in the center of the continent. He sensed the turmoil of five dragons and regarded it as an opportunity to eat.

The willpower...

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