Chapter 1593 (Teaser)

The news of Beriache’s death had been a hot topic among the dragons. Some of them were shocked.

The 3 evils of the beginning—Beriache might suffer from the curse, but she was still Yatan’s daughter. In a way, it could be called the most noble status in the world after the old dragons and the gods of the beginning in the hierarchy. It was a natural position to enjoy eternal life and achieve everything she set out to do.

Yet she chose death on her own. It was in return for giving her child all her power. It meant that the vengeance she felt toward Baal was beyond imagination and it was also evidence that her power couldn’t harm Baal.

‘Marie Rose.’

The existence that inherited the power and aspirations of Beriache. She was chosen as a means to handle Baal and her skills were incredible. By manipulating the flow of blood at will and immediately refining the mana absorbed by her heart into demonic energy, there was no limit to her body and magic. It seemed that her body and magic were completely linked to her consciousness. It was the realm of realizing her willpower as soon as it was conceived.

It was right to compare it...

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