Chapter 1591 (Teaser)

After getting a new life, Braham had always reflected on his past. It was to avoid repeating the mistakes of trusting Pagma due to overconfidence in his judgment and being betrayed, as well as the sin of being caught in ugly feelings of jealousy and stealing his disciple’s achievements.

He wanted to be worthy of being the Duke of Wisdom in this life. He would face the world with reason and wisdom, not emotion. The blood of a vampire occasionally clouded his efforts, but it was literally just an occasional impulse. Braham was confident that he had persevered well. 

The proof was that he lived with those with no talent without avoiding them. It was the same now.

The resurrection magic that he completed using his obsession with life—he wasn’t swept away by fear and despair even though he observed a future where he would be trapped on the surface, repeatedly die, and finally be dragged to hell to be extinguished without a trace.

His mental world calmed down. The last purpose of his life was to leave his mark on Cranbel’s eternal body. He was determined to engrave the name of the greatest magician in history on the world. However, at this moment...



Braham’s calm heart started to beat vigorously in a way that was contrary to his will. It was while watching Grid climb onto the neck of the giant dragon. Grid’s divinity was getting bigger and bigger in conjunction with the dragon’s...

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